Track Title: I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket [Alternate Version]

Artist: Pierce The Veil

Album: Collide With The Sky

No, no more eyes to see the sun
you slide into bed while I get drunk
slow conversations with a gun
mean more than I’ve ever said to anyone, anyone

so keep in happiness
and torture me while I tell you,
"Let’s go in style."
a million hooks around
a million ways to die
darling, let’s go inside
it’ll be alright

Track Title: The Cheap Bouquet

Artist: Pierce the Veil

Album: A Flair For The Dramatic

Calm down as I drag myself along
These severed hands are doing the very best they can
As I drive my car into the sea
(I taste you like a fucking hammer through my teeth)
Will someone tell me what it means to be alive?
It feels just like the feeling when you die